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10 Facts Worth Remembering & Teaching

Have You Ever Struggled With The Thoughts, Opinions, Beliefs or Morals, That You Were Raised With? I ask this because so often people are raised with the morals and faith of their guardians. Some of us choose to go without question, in blind faith. While others, spend their whole life looking for answers they were… Continue reading 10 Facts Worth Remembering & Teaching

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Dropping Back To Look Forward…

Welcome To Our First Interactive Weekly Post Please get 2 sheets of paper for this exercise Interactive Exercise #1: I want you to contemplate your current largest problem.... Write and answer all of the below questions on paper! 1. Rate your current scenario 1-5 2. Rate your level of emotion 1-5 3. Rate your level… Continue reading Dropping Back To Look Forward…

Real Life Shared Stories

Rocky Path Survived With Faith

"I'd like to take a minute to introduce you to a woman that has recently shared a very inspiring story with me! I was lucky enough to meet this extraordinary woman, that has been through thick and thin through out her life. We began to conversate when she responded to one of my posts on… Continue reading Rocky Path Survived With Faith