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Welcome To Our People’s Talk Group Homepage

“I would love to invite you all to my Peoples Talk & Support Group. It’s a great group where we discuss and post about all aspects of life. Such as health, feelings, support, joy, anxiety, stress, depression, inspiration, fitness, recipes, motivation, parenting, activities, and so much more.. Here is a link help us group by joining and feel free to share our link πŸ˜πŸ’–.”

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If Your Still Interested In Learning More, Here’s A Bit About Our Group.

This group is a place for you to all share your stories and help support each other through out your days. Our staff, volunteers its time to spread positivity & motivation, So, please feel free to post about your struggles or your every day life feelings and concerns. We are here to help you get through the good times and bad. Our hope if to create a community of people from all over the world that can share their life stories and experiences. Our goal, is to help each of our group members to find a place where they feel safe and can come to make friends, join in conversation and have support, all at the same time.

As a BONUS we also share:

Positive & Empowering Quotes, to Inspire and Motivate You.

Interactive Posts to help you find self awareness and help page interaction.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices Posts to assist those of you with health issues or looking to diet.

Funny Posts such as jokes and silly pictures to provide you a good laugh.

& So Much More…

So, if you have anything to share on the page that may benefit someone else’s lifestyle, please feel free to post. Day by day, as this groups grows. We hope it grow into a Strong, Positive, and Empowering Community. All of our Volunteer Admin are every day people just like yourself. 

All we really ask is for you to be kind with your replies by showing each other support. We ask you to help boost each others motivation and confidence. We add various posts to inspire self-discovery and inspiration to help you along your journey. It is your choice if you choose to use the information posted on the page to benefit yourself. 


“If you do come join us because we love to listen, see and help our members to live their best life. This page was created for the people that need help reaching success. This page was set up to build a community of individuals that need a place to vent and dream, all at the same time. It is free because everyone deserves to be able to have all of the above with a dollar sign attached. “

Senior Admin & Page Creator: Certified Life Coach & Motivator Susan Riley

Let’s Work Together To Find The Lives We All Deserve!

By Joining The Team You Also Will Receive Special Advanced Discounts

@ Crazy Beautiful Life Solutions

We Believe In You No Matter Where You Have Been & Where You Want To Go…

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If You Are Already A Member, Please Take The Time To Comment Below With Your Reviews Regarding This Group!

If You Are New & Have Questions Please Also Feel Free To Ask Below or Contact Us @ 561-530-9881

8 thoughts on “People’s Talk & Support”

    1. Thank you Toby, you have been a great group member and valued admin. I do not know what I would have done with out you all this time. You are truly a key member of our group, thank you for all of your volunteering your hard work and dedication.


  1. This is an amazing group. You get so much more than just a page. When you post something you get replies right away and you can also get life coaching at its best. It has helped me. I’m addicted to reading and checking in daily . You meet others and you become a family here,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My name is Debbie & I am happy to say I am an admin member for this group. I cannot brag enough on this wonderful group! The people are all awesome & Susan is such a joy & so caring. Everyone is always willing to lend a listening ear & assist anyway possible & in this day & time this means so much!! I am proud to be a member & admin member.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is an amazing group I can count on for positivity. I am also an admin as well and love the smiles I get from the group by building each other up. Susan is amazing and we’re all here for each other. I love this group and the people make it AWESOME! I really enjoy being an admin

    Liked by 1 person

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