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Negativity Release & Refocus Sheets

Do You Have A Lot of Negative Energy or Are You In Need of Change To Help You Refocus Have You Been Feeling Down, Over Whelmed, Anxious, Stressed, Exhausted or Other Negative Emotions? Are These Emotions and Situations, Getting In The Way Of You Living Your Best Possible Life??? Only You Can Choose To Live… Continue reading Negativity Release & Refocus Sheets

Self-Help Worksheets

Daily Journal & Trigger Worksheet

Are You Looking To Find A Way To Better Manage Your Life? Are You Looking To Discover More About Yourself? Can You Relate To Any Of The Above or Below? Have you been having random symptoms or emotional outbursts that you want to learn to manage better? Do you have Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Break-Downs,… Continue reading Daily Journal & Trigger Worksheet

Weekly Self-Help Posts

What’s On Your End of Year To Do List?

As Fall is upon us, many of us have been adjusting to the new cooler temperatures and school or work schedule changes. While this is going on in our every day lives, some of you like myself maybe contemplating all the things we still need to accomplish before 2020. September brings so many changes. So,… Continue reading What’s On Your End of Year To Do List?

Behind The Scene's

Sweating Out The Storm…

My State of Mind, Body & Soul Over The Last Few Days... So, here I am in my very dark boarded up apartment. You never really realize how much light the outside provides you till your windows are boarded up. The last few days, feel like some of the longest days of my life. I… Continue reading Sweating Out The Storm…

Real Life Shared Stories

The Precious Moments Of Lifeโ€ฆ

Share A Story, With Us About One Of The Precious Moments or Subjects Below! Let's discuss and share some of our special moments below, tell us about the good times and bad. Share a story, of any of your firsts, seconds, or lasts! Maybe, you have a great love story or a story of a… Continue reading The Precious Moments Of Lifeโ€ฆ

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Check Out Our Free Services Below We Can Help You To Live You Best Lifeโ€ฆ Click Here To See Our Blog Page Also, Please Join Our Peopleโ€™s Talk & Support Group Group Run By Every Day People Who Volunteer Their Time To Spread Positivity! Click Here To Join Our Free Group For Positivity & Fun Donโ€™t… Continue reading Don’t Miss Out On Our Free Services ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’–

Monthly Challenge

Letโ€™s Plan Some You Time!

When is the last time you took some time out for yourself??? Life is too short to keep settling for just living a busy schedule without being able to have some peace of mind.. Pick a day this week to do one thing for yourself! Here are some ideas. Sit down and read a book… Continue reading Letโ€™s Plan Some You Time!

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Come Help Us Grow Our Free Group…

Click On My Picture To View, Like & Follow  My Daily Positivity Feed - CBVibes๐Ÿž Welcome to Crazy Beautiful Blogs This post today is all about helping you find positivity, support, motivation, fun interactive daily posts, new friends, good conversation and so much more...I am so excited to invite you to come check out our… Continue reading Come Help Us Grow Our Free Group…

Real Life Shared Stories

What’s On Your Bucket List?

Welcome to our Weekly Real Life Shares Post! This weeks topic gives you a chance to add new and exciting activities to your bucket list... As well as, gives you a chance to share yours. What Are Some Of The Activities On Your Bucket List? The best way to contemplate what you want to put… Continue reading What’s On Your Bucket List?

Weekly Self-Help Posts

Negativity Release โ€“ Self-Help Post

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves over whelmed with all the things going on around us. As well as, under serious pressure of all of the things that may be troubling us or making a grand impact on our lives. When this happens, as human beings we begin to struggle with the simpler things we… Continue reading Negativity Release โ€“ Self-Help Post