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Come Join in Our Special Holiday Share Post

What are you going through this year? It is a very real scenario that this time of year. People from all over may be finding themselves with a head full of endless emotion. So, I decided to put together a post to help my followers and new found readers to remember no matter what they are experiencing right now you are not alone. No matter how happy or sad you maybe some one out there understands your struggle or excitement maybe not 100% but maybe more than you would think!

The Holidays are What you Make Them!!!

No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays do yourself a favor and make it the type of day that brings you joy or brings you some happiness. Don’t allow yourself to miss out on the little things that make life special. It is okay to feel what ever emotions you need to in order to get through the day. Although, don’t forget to allow yourself the chance to have some Special You Time!

How Do You Choose to Celebrate Your Holiday

People all over the world celebrate the holidays in many ways. They embrace and survive even when they don’t feel up to it. They also thrive in spite of the things that hold them back. Either way, what ever you are experiencing or feeling right now is more than acceptable. Use the post below to share with us how you plan to celebrate your Holidays. Also use this post to share your traditions so others can find something new and exciting to do for them and their loved ones. This is the type of post where any and all comments below are greatly appreciated and encouraged. To often we find ourselves feeling alone or as if no one could possibly understand what we are experiencing or maybe even find ourselves in a lucky spot where we have been blessed and have found a way to enjoy the finer things in life. Help your peers to follow in your foot steps towards success and joy. Or simply help them with your shared experience to know that they are not alone.

Things To Do On The Holidays That Might Be Fun For Yourself or In A Group

Family or Friend Game Night : Maybe pull out those all board games, a pack of card or simply play some charades!

Make Your Favorite Foods or Deserts: Make it a family affair or make it a solo mission where you just get to get lost in the process. Make some good food and allow yourself a chance to experiment with new ideas as well.

Have a Get Together With All Your Loved Ones : To celebrate the year. All of your accomplishments together or apart. To remind each other why you stick around and to share the love. It is not always easy as an adult to get free time so take advantage of the holiday experience or togetherness.

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Also Remember…

  • It is okay to be sad for those you have lost or are not there to celebrate with you this year. Maybe they are unable to visit because of covid or work. Maybe they have passed away and you are missing them. Perhaps, you are just feeling a bit nostalgia regarding the past holidays and wish you could find a way to get back to the days that gave you joy. It is ok to acknowledge this loss!
  • It is okay to be happy that you are alive and get to enjoy the holiday even if you have things going on around you that are hard to deal with. Life waits for no one and we have no choice but to make the best of what we have when we have it.
  • It is okay to spend a little extra on yourself even if you only have a little to go around. Money is not so easy to come by especially if you are without a job or in a bad financial state. Although, that does not mean you should be without a present on the holidays. Even if it means seeking local organizations for assistance. Please remember we all go through hard times and you are not alone. I have had my fair share of Simple Yet Sweet Holidays. Popcorn on string as garland and even Drawn Out Christmas Trees. Life goes on but enjoy what ever it is you decide to do.
  • It is okay to not want to see your family even if you love them but have unresolved issues. It is also okay to not see them if that is something that will bring you peace and happiness. The holidays are your time to build your own traditions and enjoy how you please. You can not always make everyone happy. There are even many holiday things to do while alone for those of you taking in the holiday solo.
  • It is okay to want to cry, laugh and scream at the same time and it is more than okay to not do or feel any of the above! Just make the holidays what ever you want them to be.

Whatever you plan to do during the holiday season or how you choose to feel is your business. Take your time to be patient with yourself. Give yourself a break to over come what ever you are facing, give yourself a pat on the back for all you have achieved this year. Then love yourself because at the end of the day life can be hard and it is our job to be our #1 supporter. It is our job to love and support ourselves however we need to no matter what anyone says or thinks because we know ourselves best. It is our job to set the standard of care and support we need so others can follow in our steps to love and support us the way we deserve. Remember you deserve happiness regardless of what you have been through or what holds you back. You deserve peace and everything that comes from having both. Take the next few days to embrace the person you are, what you have experienced this year and brainstorm in between all the things you want to achieve and tackle after the first because you are the person in charge of your life today and always. You are the person that gets to say today is the day I make a change, today is the day I’m going to rest, today is the day I’m going to push forward or today is the day I reached success because you hold all your cards no one else.

Here is A Bit About My Holiday Experience & How I Am Doing This Holiday Season

For those of you that may have not heard this has certainly not been my best year. Sadly, back in August I lost my Husband Jimmy unexpectedly while he was working. So, this is my first Christmas without him and well words can not and never will be able to describe my grief about any of it let alone how I have been feeling lately. Holidays have always been the time no matter what is going on I pull myself together and bring as much cheer as I can to the table but I have to say I am feeling so lost and alone this year. I am luckily spending my days with my sister and her family but no matter how great it is to be with them I can not shake that dreaded feeling of never spending another Christmas or New Years with him again. I have lost many people in my life but losing my husband is above all the hardest thing I have ever experienced. Being a widow is no easy task and most def something I wish no one ever had to face. It puts a new face to everything in your life. The past few months have been nothing less than dreadfully complex and full of a pain that aches so bad that some days I can not even think. I am sharing this because I know there are many widows out there facing the very same sadness, alone feeling and lack of motivation to keep it moving. Although, I am here also to say even though this pain and sadness has broke me in ways I never thought possible. I am a firm believer that where there is a will there is a way. It may take time for me to get back into the groove of life but my husband made me promise if anything ever happened to him that I would do my very best to live my best life till the day we some how find a way to be together again. So, I hope all you other widows find a way to join me in this mission. As for my husband I’d like to dedicate this post to him and may he rest in peace. He meant the world to me on so many levels. He was my best friend, husband and the greatest love of my life. I was blessed to have grown up with him and have the chance to build a life with him as long as we had. So, there is my shared experience for the moment. I hope you can use my post to learn from, connect to or just gain a little bit of knowledge from my experience. Hope To see your share below in the comment area! Xoxo

Happy Holidays All May They Bring You Nothing But Good Health, Peace & Happiness!

Feel Free to Respond to any of the Below Questions As This is Our Monthly Share Post To Assist In Sharing Experience, Feelings, and To Create Great Discussion Between People All Over the World! Come Share your Crazy Beautiful Self With Us…

So I ask you, How are you doing this Holiday Season?

What are some of the things you maybe experiencing right now?

How are you choosing to experience your holidays this year?

How do you plan to celebrate your yearly traditions or time?

How are you feeling about all the above and is there anything else you’d like to share?

What are some of the things you maybe be thinking back on that you would like to acknowledge out loud?

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