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Come Discover Yourself…

Do you ever find yourself wondering who you have become? Life has a funny way of making the person you once were change into someone you hardly even recognize!

For that very reason it is so important to always keep a good outline of your life, list of goals and achievements. For with these very specific details at your finger tips. You will always find a way to establish a firm base for who you are, what you have been through and where you plan to go in this life.

Life is never simple and when we look back, sometimes we may find emotions that we are not yet ready to deal with or have a hard time moving past. Although, it is within these exact hard times that we really need to look past the negativity and struggles that we went to and see the strength, lessons and knowledge we learned which helped us to excel past any of our wildest imaginations. These are the times we have experienced the miracle of growth. These are the times that we found success, empowerment and the confidence that we will always find a way to survive if we refuse to let ourselves fall behind.

So, today I put together a great little slide show of excellent questions to help you identify who you are. So, you always have something to look back on when you find yourself questioning your identity.

July 2020: Monthly Self-Help & Wellness Exercise

Self-Discovery Breakdown…

When you are finished working on Certified Life Coach Susan Riley’s above Self-Discovery Breakdown Slides take a moment to share what you have discovered about yourself below. This way we can all see what type of a beautiful and amazing individual you are 😃❤! Also, like always we love feedback on our self-help and discovery exercises. So please tell us how this exercise helped you to recognize yourself and let us know if how you originally scene yourself as, was correct or if your findings were different when all was said and done..

If your findings and what you would like to share with us is much larger than you’d like to type below or you would like to keep your name anonymous but still share your findings click here to message me directly and I will share your message below in the shared stories & outcomes section. If not feel free to share in the comment section.

Shared Stories & Outcomes:

An Example: I Will Use My Own Discovery Breakdown: 07/01/2020

Behind closed doors I am a pretty reserved person yet at times can still be very charismatic and full of energy. I love being creative and having simple yet ridiculous fun. I am easily pleased as long as whatever is going on does not stand in my way of prospering. When I hit a bump in the road I frequently find myself a bit relentless in the sense that once I get started on something I have a hard time shutting myself down if I do not complete my plan of action. Due to this sometimes I find myself to be over whelmed or exhausted. Majority of the time the only thing that really stands in my way is if I allow my emotions and hang ups to get the best of me. I am an excellent problem solver and am very good at rationalizing situation when I have not allowed myself to get swept up by the situation. During these moments I have been known to be my own worst enemy until I find a way to clear my mind and refresh. I feel my goal in life is to find a way to make all of my skills, knowledge and experience help others. All while I strive for a life of simplicity and freedom. I consider each and everyone of my good and bad times as lessons learned. I have some pretty out there goals that I hope to one day achieve most of them are pretty adventurous and a bit far fetched for average people but I enjoy over coming extreme obstacles because my life has never been easy and if I can over come all I have than why not shoot for the stars… My biggest need in life is stability and want is freedom to be able to find the time to careless while living a life without worrying what the next day will bring every other moment to me is a dream come true. I dream of the day I can sit on the beach with a mind clear of anxiety and panic for the ones I love. I am the oldest of 5 children and have always made it one of my priorities to make sure they are always safe or at least to be there for them when there is nothing I can do but lend a listening ear and hand. What keeps me going in life is the fact that I want to find a way to show my younger siblings and their children that anything is possible if you just never stop trying to reach your best life. In turn, is why I also started doing all of this blogging, coaching and etc because there are so many people out there like myself that need someone to show them direction and different ways to excel beyond our struggles. What I have learned from this exercise is I have accomplished many of my basic goals in life yet even though I have every day I find ways to strive for more and over come others things. I also know that after many years of soul searching and self-discovery that I am usually harder on myself than I need to be because I have had such amazing achievements that I do not always give myself enough credit.

Now It Is Your Turn To Share, Don’t Be Shy

I Really Hope This Months Self-Help & Wellness Post Can Assist You In Leading Your Best Life Today & Always…

Come Discover The Best & Worst Parts Of Yourself

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