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How Are You Feeling Right Now?

In such hard times, you must have at least 1 feeling that is sitting on your chest right now and I want to hear it. I can not seem to shake the feeling that so many must be feeling so over whelmed right now. I know, I myself on a personal level have been feeling so many emotions. We have a lot going on and as the human race continues to grow, learn, and prosper. It seems as if, no matter how far we have come. We still struggle with so much. Being a human being means that we will make mistakes, we will fail, sometimes even hurt each other whether we want to or not. Although, all these things are happening right now and we feel these very serious feelings and are having such serious discussions. We really need to make sure to care for our state of mind, body and soul more than ever.

You have the power to achieve what ever it is you want to achieve. Starting with your health and wellness!

Caring for yourself in times likethese does not mean that you are not caring aboit other things it just means that if you do not care for yourself in these moments of great suffering that at some point you may loose track of yourself. Then, if that happens maybe you will loose sight of your actual priorities. Simply because it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. So, you really do sometimes have to give yourself a minute to clear your head or let your body work out all of those pent up emotions. Feed your soul with the stuff that makes you feel whole inside and out.

It does not help having all of these uncertainties going on in our day to day lives either. People unable to pay their bills, unable to feed there children full meals let alone possibly themselves. People scared to leave their homes, terrified to share their voice, all while watching life itself change in so many ways. We must ask ourselves why is it that people are standing in a pandemic fighting for things they should have always had from the start. If you are living in a place like me that has boarded up buildings, people that are frustrated, angry, sad and scared. There is no way to really close your eyes at night and not find fury in the way life has been being handles no matter what side of the spectrum we stand on at the end of every day we all deserve to be seen and heard. We all deserve equal rights and to be able to walk freely without hesitation. Yet, here we are for what ever reason feeling like our home base is the only place we can find a chance to breathe or maybe relax.

We have to do our best to rememeber the only way to fight the things that hold us back right now is for each of us to play our part in supporting eachother by showing kindness, respect & understanding. Theres no doubt in my mind that many of you are scared, angry or just down right confused with how to react to everything happening. In many ways each day I find myself saying I have so much on my plate right now how can I even begin to deal with anything else. The answer to that is by taking a deep breathe. This is the time you may want to pause your social media or find some type of project to work on to clear your head. To find a way to rest with out everything going on outside of your own self-care.

I put together this little list to help you all find a way to help yourself get out of your own head. So, try some of the ideas out and see how they help you.

We have had so much happen to us in such a short amount of time. We as people need to mend. We need to get that rest we are missing out on because we are awake looking at a ceiling all night searching for ways to get back to normal. We need to take the precautions we need to take to keep ourselves safe but not by risking the safety of others in the process. It has been hard to keep faith in many things lately but we have to give it our all and try. If not for ourselves than most definitely for the children of tomorrow. I wanted to put together some stuff that I felt could help you to find positive ways to better manage your time and emotions right now because so many are feeling so lost.

Use this chart to help you build your own to help you get your own personal life back on track. We must all take the little steps we need to take to reach individual peace before we find peace on a larger level.

So, with that being said I would love for each one of you that read this today to place 1 single word below to express how you are feeling right now.

I only ask you to place 1 single word because I feel this is a way that we can all allow eachother to see whats going on beyond the chaos, ridicule, anxiety, pandemic, lack of funding, anger, sadness, and stress. I am happy to start the process with stating an example of what I am looking for with saying I am feeling like each day it is hard to breathe due to my anxiety, stress, and over whelming thoughts. These feelings do not make me a bad person they do not make me weak. These feelings are nothing more than my body telling me I need a break from it all. Like I am sure many of you do as well. So, I will say my word 1 single word that wraps all of that together is Anxious. I feel Anxious !!! Now it is your turn…

Use this wheel above to help you connect the dots to your feelings and then express yourself below using one of them. If you use more than 1 word I will not approve your message not because I do not want you to share your other feelings but only because this is a post that is meant to help everyone to share their feelings without an explanation! So, I repeat if you have something larger you would like to share contact me and I will help you do so.

Also, if you are in need of talk and support please see our menu to join our community 😃💕! Have fun keep safe and stay well in all you do!

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