Behind The Scenes With Susan Riley

My First Radio Interview ā¤


This Was Me Before, During & After The Show šŸ˜‚

I’d like to start off saying thank you so much to BusinessTalkRadio1 out of New York! It means the world to me that you reached out and found me. Never mind, the fact that you helped me share a bit about myself and business. What you do for companies and people is a truly a wonderful thing. A special thank you, also to the host Louie for helping me get through the experience. Along with the feed back from you and your company, you all really warmed my heart. This was an experience I will never forget! For those of you that want to check out my interview right now here is:

I have such terrible stage fright šŸ˜‚! Which is really quite silly because I really have no problem speaking to strangers or sharing but something about being in the lime light makes me turn green and turn into a complete baby sweat machine and want to hide lol. So, for me this was more than just your average milestone. It was without a doubt an experience that equally shook me to the core and also really helped me come a bit more out of my shell. See my thoughts and feelings on the experience below under My Recent Featured Moments… Also, please feel free to share your first radio, magazine or business first’s below!

Some Experiences Are Priceless & This Is Definitely One Of Them ā¤

If you are interested in hearing and learning more about my journey and how it has been transforming my life? Keep reading below to see some of the milestones and experiences I have faced personally and within my profession. Reaching Greater Heights Has Never Been So Amazing For Me So Thank You For Your Interest & Time!

Feel Free To Jump A Head As You Please This Is Going To Be A Post Built On Many Personal Thoughts, Experiences, & Milestones I Can’t Wait To Share:

What a crazy last few months it has been. I wouldn’t say it has been my best but it has been one hell of a ride. Quick Side Note: I really wish my mom and other lost key members of my family were alive to see all I have accomplished personally and within my professional life. I have been making such amazing moves with my personal health and wellness as well as with my business. They would be so happy and proud if they were here to enjoy it all with me. I’d like to believe they are beside me cheering me on or helping me reach each milestone one after the next because If I know them death itself couldn’t stop them from meddling or participating in my siblings or my life “haha” šŸ˜‚! For me, all I do is for people like the ones I have been raised by that I watched struggle with money, life, love, family, health, drama, trauma and etc. No one is without some sort of struggle, so I really do try my best to help people from all walks of life because I was always raised to believe everyone needs a helping hand some times. I have seen what it looks like to get help from someone who wants to support your process and what it looks like after the system failed you or you find yourself stuck and unable to move forward. Whether it was because of finances, circumstance or just plan lack of support. Which is why I created My People’s Talk & Support Group and This Website. We all need someone thats willing to listen to us when we need to be heard, Seen when we need to be seen and cheered on when we can not do it for ourselves. I was super blessed to have that with a few key members of my family and honestly I have some of the best friends the world could cook up. So, if you need that as well come join our Free Online Talk & Support Group for our Daily Posts. It is a place to share your struggles, success, to get inspired, motivated, make friends and share in great conversation. The more members we have the more fun we can have so don’t miss our help us grow and share the type of care and support everyone deserves.

Reaching Milestones Whether It Is Personal or Professional Can Be Quite Exciting So, Here Are Some Of Mine:

I have really reached some great personal success and also had some really cool first time experiences over the last few months. So sharing them is absolutely my pleasure. For instance, back in July 2019 I was without a doubt on my way to having Diabetes & God knows what other type of health issues. After a lifetime of struggling with various health issues, I was finally able to find the key reasons for some of my struggles. Luckily, with those answers I found I was able to turn it all around with a little hard work and planned dedication. Now, I am on my second weight loss goal since and have lost a total give or take because the boat is still rocking depending on what I eat “Haha” of a whopping 42 pounds loss!!! Which is without a doubt really my biggest achievement in years not to mention that I was also able to reverse a lot of my blood levels and cut back on my own anxiety levels. I am more than happy to say as of my last blood tests I was no longer borderline diabetic! Which is more than I could ask for but it has been no easy change for sure! I have seriously had to change my entire diet. I was always heavy into exercise like swimming and outdoor adventures but you really have no clue how serious it is to find the right food and life regimen for your own body. you can follow any diet you want and still not achieve anything if you do not look into what your body really needs because everyone’s body is so different. For myself, I have had to make a lot of adjustments. Right down to how often I eat and the size of each meal to what I eat or don’t eat because my body does not digest properly and apparently has some allergies I was not aware of. Shockingly, I find that I actually eat more now than I ever did before all the diets and doctors in the world couldn’t fix what I needed to be done till I found self-awareness in my personal health needs. It’s funny how things work out as well as how doing all the right things society suggests still can be the wrong things for you. Which is why I always say don’t work so hard to be one with a crowd allow yourself to be free and live the life that works best for you. I always suggest taking a good look at your wants and needs at least every 6 months so you can adjust your life accordingly to keep on track toward your daily goals, dreams and aspirations. Do not be ashamed to reach out for help if you need it because we all need help from time to time, that is what makes each and everyone of us so important. When we stand on our own we only have our skills and experiences but when we share and work together we can absolutely grown and prosper…

Now For a Bit About My Professional Milestones:

Having a business is not easy! What makes it so much more complex, is when you have the constant reminder that you are doing it all on your own. Another, serious factor is when you have very little money to back yourself. That can be quite the challenge, especially if you want to remain in complete control of what you have built. CB Life Solutions, is with out a doubt a business run on my very own blood, sweat and tears, to say the least lol. Which most small business owners and entrepreneurs can completely understand. As well as probably agree with. It has been such a blessing to have come so far from where I started. Everyday, has been one big adventure after the next this is my second actual website as I started CB Life Solutions as a blog called Crazy Beautiful Blogs. It was my very own Personal Pursuit of Happiness and Journey of Self-Discovery. I like to refer to it as a time when I had a voice but didn’t really know how far it could travel till I took the breaks off and let the world here my roar! Looking back it seems like it was forever ago, learning how to work the computer to do all this fancy stuff. Every time a person clicked on it from another country or clicked to read at all felt like I finally was coming into my own. So many years of following the rules of society and trying to keep low key with my own personal experiences. All for what really I mean life is full of Crazy Beautiful Moments that deserve to be acknowledged. That is how I came up with my brand. I didn’t want to hide who I was anymore, I didn’t want to be scared to stick my neck out and take chances. I wanted to set myself free like nothing else mattered, so I did! I knew what my goals where but I wasn’t sure the best way to reach them. Everyone told me I was shooting a little to big with exception of a few that told me I had the spirit and energy to do what ever I wanted. To see what I wanted and where the process has taken me is nothing less that everything I could have ever dreamed of and more. You see even though coaching is fun and full of wonderful attempts to assist people in progression. It can also, be quite the expensive and tiresome journey šŸ˜‚! One in which has left me feeling my fair share of both good and bad emotions.

The Cold Hard Truth of Business…

All the dedication, the marketing and time it takes to really get out there and build your clientele is no where near easy. Especially, on the levels I have tried to build it up. Never mind the people that tried to tell me ” I was wasting my time or thought I didn’t belong being a life coach or sharing my knowledge, experience and skills.” The things people do not tell you when you are starting a new business adventure is sometimes the people you hope will support and motivate you to prosper sometimes quickly spin into the people that think they know best and try to hold you back.

For anyone, out there facing that right now do yourself a favor and do exactly what I did with all that negativity. Except your loved ones for their lack of ability to dream as well as lack of ability in seeing the opportunities that one can create for themselves with just a little dedication and planning. If you have the will power and the willing to mage the changes that need to be made to live the life you want to live you can tell them I told you I could later or leave them in your dust and keep on moving forward. If you can dream it, you can build it and If my experience has taught me anything. The only person that can really hold you back in life is yourself!! I can literally say, I have really put my whole heart and soul in every part of CB Life Solutions. I have had success with other business ventures before that also made me very proud but this time in ways it has taken me further than I could have ever imagined. I write these posts and I have to be honest, I am sure you will find errors “haha” If you are looking for an English major to help you with your struggles I am sure you can find one but unfortunately that is not me “haha”! However, if you are looking for someone that knows what it feels like to face obstacles so big that it makes you want to scream and hide but still found a way to progress regardless of her fears, struggles and everything life had to throw at her? Well here I am, all giggles and logistics aside some days the process feels like a never ending cycle of rinse and repeat šŸ˜‚! The Marketing, The Feeling of Not Reaching Enough People, The Patience It Takes To Just Get One Comment or Like Is Seriously Mind Numbing. Much like anyone building a business the process takes time, there are no guarantees and the struggle is real. I believe in you, not just because its my business to motivate people but because everyone needs a starting point mine was my mom! I would be more than happy to be yours until you find the confidence to be your own like I had to do when she passed away. Life is always going to have its scary moments but you have all the tools it takes to get past them especially if you believe in yourself!

First Milestone I Want To Announce: I Am Very Happy To Say That As of May 15th 2020, I Have Renewed This Website & My Self-Help & Wellness Blog CBLifeSolutions.Com To Go For A Round Two For This Next Year …

Fingers Crossed For A Great Year

Now For A Quick Glance Of My Recent Featured Moments:

Back in October, I was asked by my client to be interviewed for the winter issue of a magazine which I was so grateful for because it turned out to be such a great piece !

To See It More Clear Click Here To View The Actual Article:

Now, this month I was asked by a NY Business Talk Radio to do another Click Here To See Their Page! Naturally, I am from New York so the idea that someone back home was interested in hearing what I had to say instantly blew my mind and made me so excited. I currently live in West Palm Beach, Fl. but Long Island, New York was where I was born and raised so it was really nice that they reached out to me all the way over here.

The magazine experience had me all panicked to which I repeat is insane to me because everyday I am online talking to strangers and putting myself out there but this time I had to go on live, Talk about nerve wracking “haha” šŸ˜³šŸ˜‚ā¤. It was quite the exciting and fun experience I stumbled a bit and froze lmao I even repeated myself here and there lol which after I got off the air I could not stop laughing about but we live and we learn for my first time it didn’t go to bad at all šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚! I am very proud of all these achievements that I have shared with you. Everyday I face one fear or new experience one at a time.

Any ways, I was so excited about this milestone in my life but nervous at the same time that I wanted to wait to tell everyone but in all honesty was totally terrified I was going to bomb. So, now that the link is up and I was able to give it my first listen I am prepared to share and hear your thoughts along with any personal or professional milestone experiences you have had! This is the place to share because together we can grow. Don’t forget this site is all about sharing and caring! I want your thoughts, likes, comments, experiences and what ever you are willing to give because when we share these details with the world. We can give ourselves a grand pat on the bad and with the feed back obtained from our peers we can grow beyond our wildest imagination.

I posted the interview at the top but here it is for those of you that chose to read a bit about my journey before jumping ahead I really appreciate your views, likes and anyway you participated in helping me expand my horizons. So, here is my interview again: Click Here

Thank You, for anyway you have been a part of my life! Keep on, keeping on and your future will never stop surprising you! Always remember, you can achieve what ever you set your mind on! Just do not give up!

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