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Please Remember, When You Move Forward To Be Kind To All Those Who Share Their Stories of Perseverance & Inspiration.

It is not easy to share your story with others but there is something so freeing about putting yourself out there for the world to see.

You never know when your story could have helped inspire someone to regain strength, motivation and the will to push forward in spite of the life and experiences they have lived through. Please respect each other and understand these stories are not here for you to repeat but to learn from. Every step you decide to make in your life inspired by someone else’s or not is a step you chose to make for yourself. If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns please feel free to comment below or contact me for more information.

Written By Susan Riley
Dedicated To My
Amazing Mother Robin

Here’s One of Mine Stories!!!

From The Loss of an Angel To The Rebirth of My Soul

Several years ago, my entire life fell apart. At the time, it felt like I had lost everything. Most of the people I have ever loved or cared for were gone. In reality most of them had passed away. While others I felt abandoned me or had to be left for so I could keep peace in my then state of mind. My health was worse than ever and I felt broken beyond means without any hope or sight of peace and happiness in the future. I almost fell to my knees when I realized the worst in my mind had already happened. I lost my mind, health, loved ones, hopes, confidence, belief, and so much more. Sure there is always something worse that could happen but if there was ever a time to say my life was at a new time low it was then. My mother had died and suddenly I lost who I was, what I stood for and everything I had hoped for the future. “Or so I thought!!!”

It was not till a few months later that I had the strength to stand up and dust myself off. At the time I said to myself ” Today is the day, I live!” because after all was said and done. As time had past and I realized there was nothing left for me to do but live. I had to move forward. If not for me then at the very least for her because she always told me to never give up. She taught me to stand up tall and be loud and proud of whoever I was. She raised me to never lay down without a fight and to reach the stars even if it took everything I had.

So, several years later here I am. It was more than a battle it was a war! A war within myself. Somewhere between the girl I grew up as, the person I became in spite of it all and the woman I spent my whole life wanting to be but never knew how. That’s who I realized I was, a warn out woman that had pushed her whole life. A woman that felt like a divided up version of herself for survival. Although, I was lucky because of everything my mom taught me helped me to came out on the other side of the rainbow. Stronger than ever before but now with an angel on her shoulder.

One in which would never let me give up and would always find a way to help me find my way…

Some days, I look back and I don’t know how I made it. The sadness, anger and rage that once had me so deep within its grip. Although, here I am more confident than ever before, reaching new goals every day, one step at a time becoming the woman she always said I could be. I dedicate all I have done with my business, career and wellbeing to my mom. She never once didn’t have my back. What I learned from my mothers loss was that although I lost the person I loved most in this whole world in person I didn’t loose anything she taught me. I didn’t loose her memory or the part of her that was in me. Me reaching my goals and never giving up is all she ever wanted to see me do. Me pushing forward and trying to find a way to help my family grow beyond what held us back or what broke us is exactly what she would want if she was here. My siblings have done the same. It has been hard but we found a way to flourish and prosper because of the love she gave us and taught us. Every step we make is one that I am sure she is with us on till the end of time whether it is in spirit or in person she gave us what it took to be all we can be. It is the fire that ran through my mothers blood that will last forever in ours. So, for any of you that have experienced the loss of a loved one specifically a parent. Remember the greatest gift you can give some one that has passed on is to live on and share their story! Remember them and live in spite of their death because that’s what they would want you to do. – Susan Riley

Now That I Have Shared Mine It’s Your Turn

For those of you that would like to share but remain anonymous or feel your story is to long to share in a comment below. Please feel free to contact me now!

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