May 2020 Whats New In The World & @ CBLifeSolutions

Happy May All, This Months Newsletter Is All About Helping Our Followers and Clients To Find More Positive Ways To Care For Themselves. As Well As Teaching Them Different Ways To Reach Their Self-Care Goals.

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Motivation & Well Wishes

I’d like to start out with wishing you all nothing but safety, financial wealth, good health and happiness in the days ahead. I know things have been hard over the last few months all over the world. For all of you that have been affected by this virus my heart goes out to those who have been lost. We want to help you share your Corona Virus Experience. We want to help you spread a beautiful memory about someone you lost recently. For it is the memories we share that will help keep the people we have lost alive…

Take A Moment To Really Contemplate Your Experience

How did this situation affect your home, life, family and loved ones? What do you think was the hardest part of this time for you? How did you over come these situations or what steps do you plan to do in the future to prevent these issues from happening again? How is you Mental & Physical Health? How has Covid#19 Changed Your Life?

To Share Your Story Or Memory, In The Comment Area Below

The Best Way To Deal With Your Troubles Is To Express Yourself…

Always Have Faith In Yourself For You Have The Tools It Takes To Survive & Thrive All In Your Mind, Body & Soul!

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