Describe Your Vibes…

Everything you do during your life determines the type of life you are going to lead. What are the vibes you give off on the universe and how do you receive the vibes of others?

Who are you in your own life?

What do you do to benefit yourself or others?

Where have you been and where do you plan to go?

Are you happy with the life you have lived and how has your journey affected you mentally or physically? Do you feel you have lived a good life or one that was unworthy of your natural wants and needs?

These are a few of the simply questions and annoying ramblings within the head of every person on the face of the planet. So often, people like to stand out in a crowd but quickly find themselves struggling with feeling unseen or unheard. The truth is we are all divided by multiple differences leaving none of us to be societies very UNREAL FANTASY of PERFECTION! Although, it is the difference between us that make us all the more beautiful!

For today, is a new day! No matter, what your past travels have been! No Matter, what emotional or physical struggles you have faced! Take today to focus on the life you want to lead not the life you have lived. Use your experience to help guide your direction but never be afraid to be open to new possibilities!

Life Is A Steady Game of Trial & Error, What You Survive Today Will Give You The Strength To Push Forward Tomorrow If You Find It In You To Keep Moving Forward!

As you collect yourself and progress toward future journey’s take the time to remember the fact that you are worthy of peace and happiness. You must find a way to seize the day without hesitation, fear or regret! Accept, that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. As these are the little pieces of life that distinguish each of us from the next.

You Have the POWER to Choose the Life You Want to Lead! All You Need Now Is To Stand Up and Live The Life You Desire!

EMPOWER yourself to contemplate who you are and where you want to go with your new found mindset. Then, share with me and my followers who you are because we want to HEAR and SEE you for all of your GLORY good or bad!

I sure hope this weeks post helps you to find the self-acceptance, confidence and empowerment to come back for more. I have put together some excellent Self-help and Wellness Posts all to help you reach your Greatest Heights. So, please stay tuned and follow our blog for New Weekly Posts and Some Excellent Open Discussion. – Life Coach Susan Riley

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