Pop - Up Self-Awareness

How to divide your time?

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed with how to divide your schedule?

Are you constantly working, dealing with home life, family, kids, obligations, friends, lack of me time, drownding in bills or just in general full of time but have no clue what issue or situation to handle first?

Today’s usual self-help post is going to rescheduled for later this week but in the mean time I want you to contemplete how you spend your time?

What do you put first, second and third on your daily to do list? Do you have a schedule or set of obligations that you frquently manage around your everyday life? Comment below up to 5 of your daily priorities! Tell us why these are your priorities or obligations. They can be big or small! This exercise will help you to find self-awareness of your priorities as well as what rules your life management and lifestyle.

Nothing is wrong with a little imagination in fact sometimes your mind is the place to find all the answers you seek.

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