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10 Facts Worth Remembering & Teaching

Have You Ever Struggled With The Thoughts, Opinions, Beliefs or Morals, That You Were Raised With?

I ask this because so often people are raised with the morals and faith of their guardians. Some of us choose to go without question, in blind faith. While others, spend their whole life looking for answers they were never taught. The good news is when we are kids none of us have a clue what to do with ourselves and listening to the people that raise us is our best chance to start. The bad news is very often even though we want each other to believe being an adult means you have all the answers most the time we don’t.

“Growing up, I was frequently told “I was too smart, for my own good.” Well I guess, some where between my curiosity and being raised by so many different personalities. I always found myself questioning everyone and everything. It wasn’t that I thought I had all the answers but more so that I didn’t think being an adult meant that you never stood the chance of being wrong. So often, children get torn between their own thoughts and the ones they were raised with.”

As a child, we are all raised to trust, believe and follow our mentors but what if they didn’t have all the answers.

What if our mentors had absolutely no clue where to start caring for themselves let alone children. Let’s be real, no one is perfect. We all make mistakes and sometimes our own decision making can be blurred by our own past, torment, and insecurities. So, if we as adult do not know all the answers? How can we raise the children of today and tomorrow to live their best lives?

Do Not Be The Reason Your Child Does Not Know Who They Are or Struggles With Self-Confidence!

So, often children are raised to follow in their parents path or by society rules. The only problem with both of those ways of raising children is you are essentially blocking your child from reaching their true potential.

In my best opinion, I would say the best way to raise children is with honesty and a non bias disposition. I am no mother, although that doesn’t mean I have not been around the block. I have been a vital piece of many young lives. I was raised by young parents that made many mistakes but also made some pretty good points to my siblings and I when growing up. The most positive decisions my parents ever made in my adult view point is allow each and every one of my siblings and I to grow up to be our own people. By allowing us to make our own mistakes and teaching us that mistakes happen they allowed us to find our own identity, voice and the ability to handle failure in a positive way.

Teach Your Children That They Are Not Perfect Because No One Is. Although, Do Not Forget To Tell Them That They Are But Special In Their Own Way.

Being the oldest of the bunch my parents still raised me with some pretty serious black and white view points though. As they were raised to keep a standard and in many ways their original parenting skills were a bit old fashioned and one sided. After many years of being forced in so many directions to please everyone because all sides of my family had so many crossed ideas, faiths, and over all standards. My parents learned to break free of their parents ways and make their own. Which for my family ended up being the best decision they ever made.

So, how do we direct the children of today and tomorrow to live their best lives? Do we sit back and hope that our educational systems are enough? Do we force our views on them and hope they follow in our foot steps toward success? What are the answers we seek?

Due to the financial struggles in the world and lack of stability children all over the world are being raised by nannies, after school programs, television and god knows who or what. All while, parents struggle with their own insecurities, health issues, moral standard, habits, past and etc. So, what are the answers? What can we teach the children of tomorrow that can help them to live more productive and positive lives? What is a good base line of productive and positive none bias life standards and rules? Also, with all the changes in the world and society how do we address all the many new society changes that some of us ourselves have no clue how to face? These are all the questions that run through parents minds everyday!

If You Struggle With Confidence, Direction, Organization, Self-Awareness or Life Management.. Call Today To Book Your Free Life Coaching Consultation

Today, I put together a list of the rules and standards I do my best to live by. Not all of the below are ones that I have 100% conquered yet but they are all very positive lessons that I have learned along my journey. Some easier to live with then others if you have already been trained to believe or manage your life in a different way. Although, for a young child or teen these simple standards may be the difference in them living a happy or unhappy life. In my opinion, It is never to late to learn a new healthier way of living. So, whether you are a child, teen, adult or senior. Make sure to give the below list a good look over because they are all excellent ways to change your mind set, help you to move forward and ways to live your best life. Your Best Life Is Waiting & You Can Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind on Achieving!!!

Here Are Some of My Rules and Ideas, That I Do My Best To Follow.

  1. Never ignore anything that can affect your health and well being! Being proactive is your first line of defense and self-preservation. Self-awareness is key to your survival.
  2. No matter what age you are, life is never easy but that is not an excuse to give up! The only time you are a failure is when you decide to not try to succeed. The point of life is to live your best life. So, if you are not living than you are not meeting your main goal.
  3. Mistakes happen, you are only human everyone makes them that is how we learn and grow. Make each lesson count and do your best to not repeat your mistakes. That is all you can do in life. So, if you fall get back up and try again until you succeed or reach a point that you feel happy and secure with all you have done to succeed.
  4. There is nothing wrong with taking a moment to express your emotions to someone or by yourself. Embrace your journey and trust yourself to know when it is time to seek real help when it is needed. Holding in traumatic situations or negative emotions will only hold you back from peace and happiness. Find your voice and allow yourself to release any negativity.
  5. There is nothing wrong with not being a leader until it means that you are following someone in a negative direction. Make sure to always access each situation before following someone down a path you may not be able to bounce back from. Your survival and future depends on your ability to make good decisions for yourself.
  6. What ever happened in your past, good or bad was a stepping stone to prepare you for your future. Learn from the lessons you have learned along your journey. Prosper, by setting goals, being dedicated to yourself and never settling for less.
  7. Always remember, you have the right to say yes or no to anything. Although, when deciding your answers remember that every action will always have an outcome. Make sure that consequences of your choice are ones you can live with.
  8. Time is not always something that is on your side. So, make good decisions and build realistic plans to help yourself reach the life you want to lead.
  9. Love is a beautiful thing when you meet the right person but do not rush yourself. Learn to love yourself before loving others. When you find the right one they will compliment you not hinder you in any way.
  10. Be aware that everyone is capable of being good or bad including yourself. With that being said “Always treat others, how you wish they would treat you. That is with kindness and respect. No matter, who they are or where they come from we are all human. Which means we all have feelings, thoughts, opinions and experiences we have faced. So, without living in that persons shoes you have no right to judge or ridicule anyone.”

Life Is Not Always Greener On The Other Side

I firmly believe together we can build a beautiful society of peace and happiness for the future but it will take change, patience and dedication from all the parties involved. Be sure to put your best foot forward and do your part in building a better tomorrow.

I sure hope all of the above gives you a new perspective or helps you to live a more healthy and positive life. None of us are perfect and we all come from many backgrounds. That is what makes each of us so special and important to society.

Your Thoughts, Experience & Opinions Maybe The Very Details That Help A Parent Teach Their Child Better or Some Teen To Make Better Decisions.

So, with that being said I’d like you to contemplate these questions below for a minute…

If you are an adult, please comment below some your struggles, lessons, thoughts or opinions that you may have voiced as a teen.

Are you a teenager and if so, do you feel this way? Do you feel you have trouble trusting your older peers and mentors? If so what is it that you feel would help you to feel more secure or help you feel more prepared for your adult future?

Do you have any other facts or words of advice that you feel would benefit peoples life?

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