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Keeping Your Mind & Body On Track

My name is Susan Riley. I am a Certified Life Coach based out of West Palm Beach, FL. I run and operate a Life Coaching & Motivational Company Called Crazy Beautiful Life Solutions.

I spend my days Spreading Positivity such as motivation, self-help, inspiration and healthy life management skills on my Positivity Facebook Feed Crazy_Beautiful_Vibes , My Free Online People’s Talk & Support Group, and My Blog/Website CBLifeSolutions.com

Something that is always plaquing us as human beings is our stress, anxiety and various emotions brought on by our everyday struggles.

As a Life Coach, I assist people in Self-Discovery and Life Management. I do this by helping my clients to build self-awareness, empowerment and the confidence they need in order to choose the life they want to lead. People that may benefit from my services would be people that are seeking a new direction or more out of life.  If you are that person please follow the above links.

Can Your Relate To Any of The Below?

Does Life Have You Down?

Do You Feel Exhausted or Over Whelmed?

Do You Have Stress or Anxiety?

Is There Something Going on With Your Health, But Do Not Know What It Is?

 If so, here are some positive ways to help you better manage your mind, body and soul?

First thing, that is always great to do when you’re not feeling up to par is keep a journal or notebook to write down the triggers that are bringing about Unwanted Emotions and Concerning Health Issues. Examples of triggers would be specific people, foods, family, friends, work or even random scenarios. By keeping track of these triggers and how they affect you, you can do trial and error till you reach your daily goals, dreams and aspirations. Another great way to manage your life is by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine. You maybe surprised just how many foods can greatly affect your health and cause you to have anxiety, depression and unwanted health issues. Some foods you should avoid are sugar, caffeine, fast foods, greasy or fried foods, and etc. When choosing exercises and food you should always check with you doctor for best results. If you do not enjoy exercises, there are other excellent alternatives that may spark your interest. Be creative and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Maybe instead of a timed work out you can enjoy a leisurely swim, a friendly game of golf, do a little gardening or just simply turn on your favorite tunes and dance around for a while. For those of you with anxiety or suffer from panic or anxiety attacks, the most immediate ways to assist yourself through them is by “Taking a deep breath in while counting to 5 and then releasing it while counting to 5 once again. Do this as many times as it takes till you feel your attack withdrawing.”

The Truth Is…

 Life is always going to be a roller coaster, but every moment of it is a full of many stepping stones that built you into the person you are today. Remember, no one is perfect and always do your best to live the life you want to live. Live without hesitation and regrets, by trying new things. The best ways to live in a healthy life is by having self-awareness, dedication and an open mind. You can achieve anything you set your mind on achieving. If you need help check out all of my above links.

Call Now: 561-530-9881

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