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What’s On Your End of Year To Do List?

As Fall is upon us, many of us have been adjusting to the new cooler temperatures and school or work schedule changes. While this is going on in our every day lives, some of you like myself maybe contemplating all the things we still need to accomplish before 2020.

September brings so many changes. So, what has changed in your life since September started?

Life does not stop for anyone but it is certainly always full of all types of emotions and struggles. Some of which, we do not always know how to deal with. So, what types of things do you have going on right now? Which of the them do you feel is keeping you from getting things accomplished in your life? Have you made an end of year plan of action or any last minute 2019 goals list that you are looking to achieve?

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Comment Below A Little About, Whats New In Your Day To Day Life…

Share with us some of your end of year goals and how you plan to achieve them!

Tell us if you have doubts about your plans and share your struggles maybe we can help shoot you in the right direction or help you brainstorm ideas to help your situation.

Here is a Brainstorm Bubble, that you can use to help guide you to build a great list of things you still have to do in 2019…

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You Can Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind On Achieving…

It is through pushing to achieve and attempting to reach our goals, that we learn the error of our ways, confidence in our actions, trust within ourselves and SUCCESS!


Here is a great list of different ideas, to consider while you are brainstorming your End of Year To Do List:

Self-Care: Take a good account of what you need to achieve over the next few months for your health. Keeping on top of self-care is very important here are some things to consider while contemplating your to do list.

  • Scheduling Some You Time – (Massage, Pedicures, Manicures, Find a New Hobby, Finish a book, you’ve been meaning to read, Catch up on your favorite shows and etc.)
  • Health Check Ups (Blood Work, Physicals, and etc.)
    • Mind Do not be afraid to reach out for help, we all face struggles and when we have them it is important to be aware of when it is the right time to seek assistance through the proper channels.
    • Body – Keep track of your fitness and do some fun fitness classes to burn energy and keep your body strong.
    • Soul Explorer your morals, boundaries, and or faith.

Finances: If you have not already, make a monthly schedule for all of your finances. This way you know when you will and will not, have extra money.

Things You May Want To Save For:

  • The Holidays coming up – Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc.
  • Home Improvements / Move Out Date Movers, Boxes, Deposits, or Redecorating.
  • Last Minute Vacation Plans – Family or Business Trips, Romantic Getaways and etc.
  • An Extra Bonus – For those of you that are already prepared maybe you can begin to put money away for any extra activities or for seen bills in 2020.

Schedule: We all have schedule changes and monthly objectives. So, make sure not to leave anything out. Leave room in your plan of action for trial and error.

  • Always leave a few extra slots of time open for you to just breathe and take time out for every day life struggles. The worst thing that happens in within your week or month you may have some free time to do something that brings you joy.

Do You Have Any Other Ideas For Anyone Looking To Better Manage Their Life? The Ones Listed Above A Just A Few Provide Your Idea’s In The Comments Below

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