Behind The Scene's

Sweating Out The Storm…

My State of Mind, Body & Soul Over The Last Few Days…

So, here I am in my very dark boarded up apartment. You never really realize how much light the outside provides you till your windows are boarded up. The last few days, feel like some of the longest days of my life. I have to apologize for not posting my regular weekly posts but all will go back to normal starting next Monday but this week has been literal hell.

I want to take a moment and send my best wishes and prayers to any one that this recent hurricane has affected or is soon to affect. It is so tragic, that when these storms come we really have no clue what to do. In my sheer panic, stuck between a rock and a hard place between family. All while, deciding to stay in my home or leave. In some ways it felt almost like my own personal hell choosing between the people I love and determining what would be the best plan of action for me . Some of my family wanting to run while others wanted to stay. In my strive to get counsel on the best idea of what to do I turned to a lot of people for their opinion in fear I would make the wrong decision. Sometimes, its good to bounce your thoughts and ideas off others. Especially, when their is so much chaos and you fear your emotions are clouding your judgement. When you do this make sure to pick people that are not in the same situation because they may not be thinking clearly either, mostly because they are in the thick of the action as well making their own decisions.

So, with that being said I turned to a few relatives out of state and great family friends. My grandfather’s opinion was probably the best he told me ” Suz, there is no wrong answer here!” The truth is he was 100 % right!!! In a time when the news crews, meteorologists, and officials can not give you a straight answer you really need to just sit down and count your main priorities.

So, what are some of your priorities when it comes to storms coming to you?

Myself and other viewers, would love to know your thoughts and concerns as this storm is either leaving you, coming at you or just in the air of topic of conversation!

In my opinions, your number one priority should always be you and your families safety. I know it is so hard to worry about your belongings and everything you have worked for but if you are not safe nothing else matters. I would say after that you really just have to brainstorm and juggle your best, plan of action.

When is it time to stay and when is it time to go. This is the part of this whole week that has really left me in a tale spin.

These decisions are never easy especially if you have people around you trying to make the decision for you.

In this situation, I tell you be true to yourself and make the decision you think will help you sleep best after the storm. A storm like Hurricane Dorian, around rent time, when your having car trouble or people not willing to work together is a recipe for disaster! So, as to where my normal nature normally would have said “Pick your shit up and run to a whole other location and take a Mini Vacation with your crazy beautiful family!!! This year, for this storm I decided my safest, most logical plan of action was to hope and pray within the safety and shelter of my own home. With the plan, that if all fails to seek assistance at a local shelter.

“I can not tell you though, how many times through the whole waiting process I sat wondering if I made the right decision but in the end thankfully it seems to have worked in my favor.”

This time I was lucky so far which makes me very happy but next time I will be forced to do the same thing like all of the other times. The crazy part about natural disasters is it does not matter who you are, where your from, what you believe in or look like if that storm or situation wants to present itself no one has the answers 100% till it is done and over. Which is why I leave you today with saying if you were not or are not prepared for a storm like this one or one that may affect you. Set some time aside this week to pull supplies together so no matter what decision you make you are covered for anything.

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Please Comment Below The Struggles You Have faced Through Hurricane Dorian…

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