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Negativity Release – Self-Help Post

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves over whelmed with all the things going on around us. As well as, under serious pressure of all of the things that may be troubling us or making a grand impact on our lives. When this happens, as human beings we begin to struggle with the simpler things we have going on. Maybe you have struggled with your schedule, emotions, health, or perhaps you are so over whelmed that you may even have a to do list a mile long…

Here is a helpful exercise that will help you when you are in the mist of one of these moments when you feel high is negativity…

I want you to remember to take a 10 second break from whatever you are doing. Even if that means you need to excuse yourself and find yourself a safe space where you can

Just Breathe…

When you get like this or feel the emotions of anger, rage, sadness, depression, panic, fear, stress or anxiety. Whatever emotion you may feel that is negatively affecting your ability to live your best life.

5 Seconds In Through Your Nose…

Then, 5 Seconds Out Through Your Mouth!

Take in The Positivity Around You & Release All That Pent-Up Stress…

I hope the above exercise can help you to manage any of your immediate emotional distress but as a bonus. I have put together another self-help exercise that is all about helping you to release your negative energies! So, please click the link below to download or print out our Negativity Release Sheet!

Click Here To Print or Download Self-Help Sheet

Other Healthy Options for Relieving Yourself of Negative Energy

Exercising Such As:

 Walking, Jogging, Yoga, Kick Boxing, Swimming and Etc. (Speak with Doctor for The Best Exercise for You & Your Health)

Activities That Bring You Happiness or Help You Relax:

Journaling, Blogging or Diary Entries

Art (Painting, Coloring, Drawing & Etc.)

Classes of Any Kind (Cooking, & etc.)

Peaceful Self-love & Self-Care Activities

Manicures, Pedicures, Spa Day

Massage, Meditation

No Matter What It Is You Choose to Do, Just Make It About You & Your Wants & Needs!

Thanks for reading my weekly Self-Help Guided Post. Have a Blessed & Beautiful day!!!

If you try the above sheet or top breathing exercise and you enjoy it, please feel free to write below in the comment area your thoughts. I love to hear feed back on my self-help pages it helps me to build the worksheets when I do. Also, if you have any other ideas on ways to help some one to release their negative energy, please share them and your experience below.

12 thoughts on “Negativity Release – Self-Help Post”

    1. Thank you so much, and I agree they are awesome. I post the self-help posts every Monday and I’m going to start trying to do a free worksheet with each Monday self-help post. Did you get a chance to look at the self-help worksheet link? It’s awesome, for when you have a lot on your mind or just feel like you need to vent but do not have anyone around. 😊💖 I also just posted a new post today on how to build a bucket list and I added some of my ideas… I’d love to hear yours if you have any. I try to keep the page interactive as possible so my viewers can gain knowledge and experience in just a simple read 😁! Here is the link feel free to share. https://cblifesolutions.com/2019/08/21/whats-on-your-bucket-list/ Hope You Like It and Have A Great Day ! 😎🌴


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