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Where Has Life Taken You?

Welcome to our Weekly Real Life Shares Post! This weeks topic gives you a chance to spread knowledge of your travels and experience. In the comments at the bottom of this page, I would like each of you to share a story or more about any of the below topics or your own tales of joy or vacation struggles…

Here are some key examples of topics you can share below

Where have you traveled and what were the Pro’s & Con’s of your trip?

What was a funny story about one of your traveling experiences that you would like to share?

Do you have any traveling advice?

If you have not traveled but would like to feel free to share where you want to go and why?

Now remember when commenting that all locations are the homes of others but we would still love to here your opinions but please be kind to the natives of the locations if you want to share a bad experience. God knows, we have all had some not so great traveling experiences here and there just be respectful t.

The More People That Share The Better This Post Will Be! So, Do Not Be Shy!

Hey Guys, I can not wait to hear your all of your awesome stories and experiences. If you are interested in my traveling experiences see below!

The Trip That Taught Me The Most Lessons

My first over night trip without my family was to Upstate, New York! What we thought was going to be an exciting adventure turned completely upside down , we went broke, got used and the most unexpected part of the trip through all of the panic ended up being the best part. So, the trip background story is my friend and I went to visit her family that she had not seen in forever up in the hills. Long story short, our trip went belly up at the moment we started to finally get on our way an hour into our trip. When a giant rock kicked up off the ground and cracked our windshield.

At the time we did consider turning around but we figured we already took off of work and made all the plans. We had the money to go and that is exactly what we did. Needless to say even though we had great plans of excitement the windshield did throw us a bit off of our game. So much so that we totally made the wrong turn and didn’t realize till it was way to late. No angry and bickering, my friend and I decided to find a hotel and take a break from the trip to recoup our moral and get in better spirits. At this point we ended up in Rhode Island, where we ate dinner, swam in the hotel pool and just kicked back and rested for the night!

The next day we woke up and started back on our adventure after we figured out the best way to get back on track we ended up adding 4 hours on to our 3 hour away trip! At this point after a good nights rest we finally were laughing it off. Once we got to my friends family house, we were back in high spirits and were told for us staying we could bartend at the family bar for and keep our tips. Which both of us thought would be awesome because of the money but also because we thought how cool it would be to live a life for a weekend unlike our own. Needless to say it was not all we thought it would be I think we walked out of there with $25 – $40 in tips and mostly because no one really came in and the family took half of the tips. Over all, it was enough for me to decide I never wanted to be a bartender “haha”! Next we ended up getting stuck with my friends cousins the whole time that were little and more so then a let freedom rain type of trip it ended up being a trip where we both felt uncomfortable and bored. That is with exception of our screw ups in the beginning “haha”!

Moral of this story, I would say is when you are on a trip always bring enough money for an emergency situation because we didn’t have enough for our mistakes and were lucky enough my friends mom gave us her credit card in case. Next, if your not looking for a family vacation “DON’T BRING YOUR FAMILY ..” Another really great thing that would have helped us is if we did a little more research and asked a couple more questions before being on our way. The one positive thing I learned on this trip is that sometimes you just really have to go with the flow. When on vacation realize there maybe stupid things that happen but your attitude and reaction to these things will definitely determine whether the experience is a good or bad one.

Other Places I’ve Been and What I Rate Them As…

I have gone on multiple road trips down I 95 from New York To Florida and back! My favorite part about road trips are stopping off in random places and really taking in the sites, shops, restaurants and etc. Family trips, I can not stress enough are always bound to have drama but do your best to make the best of those special moments because they generally are few and far in between. Take pictures, be silly, laugh, joke around and take in the entire experience.

I have also been to multiple trips in Upstate, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. All of which are full of awesome little vacation spots my personal favorite places to check out were Lake George, New York and Pennsylvania by the Amish and the zoo Claw and Paws.

My Biggest Adventures

My husband and I have been together, for what feels like forever. He always told me he was going to take me where ever I wanted to go in the world “lol” ! I have to say he came through on his promise for real for our honey moon. Since I was a little girl I always wanted to go to St. Thomas because my grandparents went all the time but when my grandfather passed away I thought I’d never get my chance. Luck would have it my husband decided to show me a whole bunch of places on our honey moon. So, my dream came true and we booked a 7 day cruise on the Glory on a Carnival Cruise Line.

Let me start off with saying how big I screwed this trip up in the beginning. When I look back now my husband and I can not stop laughing but at the time I thought I ruined the whole thing lol. I accidently left my Id at home and home was an hour and a half away and we had an hour before the cruise left port. Thankfully, the cruise line allowed me to use my work Id which later ended up being a huge problem getting off the trip at home but luckily we did not have as much trouble as I suspected every where else.

On our trip we visited Grand Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St Thomas, and last but not least Grand Turk ! At Grand Bahamas, we went to The Aquarium at Atlantis which was nice but not my favorite aquarium I’ve ever been to. I would rate that day at a 3 on a scale from 1-5! Puerto Rico, was full of color but I found that day to be bit boring and kind of exhausting. We went to a museum and walked all through the main cruise area. I would rate that about a 2 but I think it was mostly because I’m a bit of a germaphobe and a lot of the eating places had pigeon’s and just made me nervous to eat. St. Thomas, I have to say that was a pretty awesome day in fact I rate it a 5 out of 1 to 5. My husband and I took a bus all the way to Meghan’s Bay which is where my grandparents went all the time. It was not as clear and beautiful as their pictures but it was still pretty great to relax and be there. On our way there and back it seemed like the place had been hit by a storm and did not really rebuild as quickly as they should have but it was still a very enjoyable visit. We finished up the day doing some light shopping and that area seemed to be kept pretty nice. My favorite day was 150% GRAND TURK, rate that day a 5!!! I am not much of a drinker, to be honest I usually only drink here and there on vacation which is more rare then I wish it was. We started our day off at the beach which was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I was a bit nervous because we were swimming right by the cruise ship and I thought to myself the whole time “I am a bad swimmer and big ass sharks can reach me here if I swim out just a little more.” Needless to say after about an hour or two we decided to check out what else was on the Island. That is when we decided to eat lunch and check out Margarita Ville. To my surprise I do not think I have ever has so much fun in a pool area. My husband and I, ended up making friends with another couple from the cruise that we also hung out with for a bit in St, Thomas and it was awesome. I had a big old margarita and one hell of a fun time. As for our cruise ship, I was very surprised how much food you have access to lol. It was never ending and so awesome. Dressing up and living a life that I never thought I would have been able to experience back then was seriously one of the highlights of my life. Well, this was a bunch of my planned traveling experiences, once again I would love to hear yours. I love traveling and one day would love to continue to travel again. So, tell me about your experiences and give me and all my other viewers your thoughts. Also, feel free to add on about the places I have been because maybe you have a different experience from me.

Two Pictures From My Honey Moon

Us In Puerto Rico

Us In Grand Turk

Please Comment Below…

2 thoughts on “Where Has Life Taken You?”

  1. Hey there,

    Awesome blog. I will share a bit about a dreadful camping trip I experienced. Now, I love Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada
    … as a place. However, camping turned out to be a night mare. We wanted a waterview, so opted for a site on a hill. Mistake number one. Our tent blue away! Then some nice people pinned it down for us. Then the zipper broke, and my husband, who is in a wheelchair, did not want to get eaten by a bear (Lol) so we had to sleep in the car…. with my already cranky 9 year old. Oh yeah, the ferry stops running at 10pm, so we were stuck on an island. Also, no accessible washrooms… nightmare trip to say the least. Anyways, thanks again for your post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you so much 😎🌴! You story does sound like a nightmare and probably a very unforgettable trip. Lol its crazy how when we are in the moment the whole world feels like were going to die or something and then years later it becomes that legendary moment we survived and a tale for all the years to come. Lol my husband and I have a lot of them lol. I have tryed so hard to get him to go camping but I think he agrees with your husband lol. Thank you so much for your share and please feel free to share on any of my posts. I’m trying to make it as interactive as possible so thank you very much don’t forget to check out the rest of my page also I have a great talk and support group community if youd like to join. It is great for communication and fun well thanks again and have a great day 😁💖!


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