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What Do You Want For Your Future?

Interactive Exercise #2

Where Do You See Yourself, In 5 Years From Now??

Life is never easy and we all go through our own daily struggles. Although, you can not let these daily struggles hold you back from reaching greater heights!

Everyday, people all over the world wake up and just try to get through their day. What if I were to tell you that the only way to reach success was to first use your imagination to help bring you to the future you want most?

Well, today you are in luck because I am about to help you through a written guided post imagine what your best life could look like. Just a few simple steps!

So, Let’s Get Started!!!

Step #1

I want you to get a notebook or at least 2 pieces of paper and pen.

Step #2

Find a cozy spot, where you can just drift off in your mind!

For example: This place should be quite the entire time that you do this so that no one will interupt you for at least 15 to 20 minutes!!!

Step #3

Now, that you found your quite and cozy place I want you to read the directions below. Then, close your eyes and attempt to drift off. As you drift off, please give yourself the time you need to really let your mind take you places.

Before you close your eyes, I want you to imagine what your perfect life will be like in 5 years!

When you close your eyes for approximately 10 to 20 minutes. I want you to really take note of every thing about your perfect life

For example: You just woke up, where are you? Who are you with? What is your schedule like? Where do you work? Then, look at the things that surround you… What does your neighborhood look like, your friends and family? How do you dress, then take a good look at yourself. What is different? What has changed, that led you to this perfect life?

So, now that you are almost all set. After you close your eyes. I want you to imagine it is first thing in the morning and you just woke up in your perfect life!

Step 4

Now, that you know what your looking to achieve during this exercise please make sure to keep all of the above in mind and proceed with the directions above and below.

This exercise is very time sensitive so please do not short change yourself give yourself at least 10 full minutes of imagining for the best results!

Step #5

When you have finished imagining your future immediately write down on the paper in front of you a brief description of what you saw for yourself!

After that, please write down answers to these questions!

Where did you wake up?

Who were you with?

What was your schedule like? Did it seem to work for you?

Where do you work? Did this make you happy?

What does your neighborhood look like, along with your friends and family?

Over all do you think you seem happy?

How do you dress?

What did you like about yourself? What did you not like about yourself?

What is different from then till now?

What seems to have changed from this like to that one?

Step #6

Build a list of all the things that you imagined today that really made you happy! Under that list make a list of the things about your current life that do not fit in your imaginary best life!


For a more accurate or detailed exercise please call now to schedule your FREE LIFE COACHING CONSULTATION

@ 561-530-9881

I hope this exercise helped you to learn a bit more about your wants and needs. Also, if you enjoyed this post check out exercise #1. We post interactive posts every monday but we love interaction on all of our posts so please always give us your feedback, thoughts, experience and etc . As you the people are the ones that over time will build this blog to its maximum success 😁💖!

Now, please share your experience and thoughts below in the comment area!

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