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Breaking Down My Walls…

Welcome to my New Blog Category, Crazy Beautiful Blogs. These posts are my way of giving you a look behind the scenes of what’s really going on at Crazy Beautiful Life Solutions and to help you learn a bit about, Who I Am!

My name is Susan L Riley, I am the Owner and Head Certified Life Coach At Crazy Beautiful Life Solutions!

“I really hope, you take the time to look over all of the wonderful services my company provides. With the help of all of my clients & followers support, I have managed to set up each portion of my company to help people from all over the world to learn from each others life experiences.”

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“This is one of my most favorite Free Services that I created! This group is managed by Every Day Ordinary People that volunteer To spread positivity, motivation, inspiration and so much more! I am the Senior Admin, on the group. I can not tell you, how much joy it brings me to see so many people from all over the world come together in one place to learn and strive to live their best lives…”

Some people have recently asked me why do I do, what I do?

I spent my whole life, living behind a ton of walls that I created as a child, to protect myself. I come from a wonderful family but unfortunately we didn’t always act or seem like everyone else. All my life in on way or another I lived and was persecuted by judgment. My parents families, both were so much different that it had a serious impact on how my siblings and I grew up! We were always torn between the families leaving my mom and dad who loved eachother so much always in a hard place. Although, some how we managed to get away from all the drama and live a life a better life it was snuffed out by my moms cancer diagnoses! Which eventually led to her death. When I created my blog and business I wanted to call out to the people like myself. So, when creating my brand I thought How would I best describe my life?

That Part Was Easy Because Although It Was Never Easy I Always Considered it Beautiful…

AKA… Crazy Beautiful Life Solutions

So, here is my Brief Summary of what led me to this point, in my life!

Growing up, I never realized what kind of affects the boundaries and morals, I set in place to protect myself would create. Now, that I do, I see how my actions have affected my personal development, life management and over all health. As I sat in hiding, facing all of my daily family struggles and life’s ups & downs, I grew so exhausted. So much so, that one day I sort of just blew up! My mind, body and soul, all literally told me they quit and wouldn’t work correctly! This was at one of the hardest times in my life and it really broke me to see deal with what I had going on all while facing a lifetime of pent up panic and insecurity!

Up until this point, I always thought I was living my best possible life for what life threw at me. I thought to myself “Well your a survivor and a kick ass caregiver! You can get through this to!” Knowing that made me feel like, if I couldn’t reach my dreams with what I had going on. At the least, I could help my loved ones to reach their greater heights until I could.

All Along…

“Never realizing that my life was passing me by faster than, I could count! Day by day, year by year, always struggling, always working so hard to just survive! Never sleeping, grief strucken with a serious case of regret and anxiety!

So, here I am today! Working my ass off to save the life. I always could have been living, if I just maybe didn’t always think to save everyone else first! I never thought, I would always have to survive my assumption was one day it would all come together like everyone told me. It never did though! At least not until I realized I needed to manage myself and care for myself first. At that moment of realization I woke up from My So Called Life then …

“I realized I always had the tools I needed to reach my dreams! I just wasn’t taught the process of how!

This is what my mind, body and soul were going through! This is not how we all start! This is just, what we look like after we let life beat us down!

After years, of beating myself up, for all the things I couldn’t fix or manage without being my families Pet Pitbull. I decided I was done! I couldn’t save anyone anymore, not even myself! I was so sick and broken at this point. I almost completely gave up trying but then my mom passed away. That jolt tore me to pieces, chaos ran wild through my family and thats when it happened.

“I just woke up, one day and decided I wanted to live my life too! I wanted to be happy and teach others all the things it took me so long to learn. I wanted to use my experience to help others do the same for themselves.”

That is when I started my original Blog Crazy Beautiful Blogs. Then, I did my own self discovery and took a life coaching certification course. That is when I started to see the Real Me!

It has not been an easy journey. Honestly, every time I thought I had reached my best life. I then realized, just how much more I had to go! Although, I am happy to say that during the process I realized living your best life is not about having everything you want or need!

Living your best is all about taking care of yourself! Being aware of your ups and downs, not living in regret but more so understanding that your journey may have been a little chaotic but you survived! Day by day, you went from one bump in the road to the next always finding a way to get to the next chapter of your life.

Now, When I Look Back…

“I no longer always, see regret, anger and shame for the things that made me put up these walls, that I built! Now, I see why, that I did it to the best of my ability at the time. All the amazing things I did was exactly what I felt, I had no choice but to do at the time. Yes, it is true I wish I knew more at the time but the sad truth is no one ever does!”

The Truth We Don’t Want To See…

It was all my lack of confidence, improperly built boundaries, my lack of faith in people and my beliefs, fear of what I couldn’t fix, and various other road blocks that I needed to work on so much sooner than I actually did! No one is perfect, least of all Me! Living your best life isn’t about being perfect though! It’s only about trying to be the best version of yourself!

Now, that I know all of the above! I have made many changes to my life and sharing these little bits of knowledge and experience, brings me so much joy. More than, I think anything I’ve ever done before! I use to crowd my mind with endless No I Can’t and Could of Would of’s. All while telling everyone else they could and they should.

“Only leaving myself behind, unmanaged, neglected, overworked, under appreciated, stressed to the max, exhausted of life and all the things I couldn’t have. That young girl that once had a millions dreams and plans to take over the world! Fell apart because she, let herself go!”

There Is A New World Order

Now, I pick me first! Instead of doing, and stressing about what everyone else needs I let them figure it out! Naturally, you can’t change a tiger stripes 😂! So, I still always let it be known that I am happy help 💖 but thats it! When I look at my life now, I see and acknowledge, that I can do anything I set my mind on. Not just because I think it or believe it but because I am strong, hard working, intelligent and full of a beautiful spirit that I now, no longer waste hiding away behind walls.

This picture is my version of pure and absolute peace & happiness…

“One day, I plan to be living my best life without a worry that I need to break down more walls from my past! My hopes are to really turn my Crazy Beautiful Brand Into Something Special!

Along the way though, I choice to live by example in sharing my life story! Step by step, in pieces to help others like myself to reach their deepest desires! To help them find confidence, empowerment and the skills they need to make the right choices for themselves! I choice, to continue along my journey, in pursuit of all my wants, needs and desires! All while breaking one wall down at a time because now I know just how important Self-Love, Self-Care, and Self-Appreciation really is! Now, that I have the right knowledge, skills, schooling and mind set I can share it all with you!

That’s The Brief Summary, Of How I Got Where I Am Today & How I Ended Up Doing What I Love Most…

“I hope you have enjoyed, My Crazy Beautiful Blogs Fresh New, Introduction Post! I hope this is the first of many more to come! Enjoy your day and never stop pushing yourself to be your best version of yourself! ” – Certified Life Coach Susan Riley

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