Real Life Shared Stories

Tales of your first move out on your own…

This week we do not have a shared story to share but I thought it would be a great chance to give people the chance to share thier own experience on various subjects in between our actual real life shares.

This Weeks Topic

Please share below in the comment area a bit about your first apartment or house experience.

“I thought this would be a great read for kids and adults that are looking into renting or owning fot the first time.”- Certified Life Coach Susan Riley

Here is a breif example from my own experience…

My first experience moving out and away from my parents was one I will absolutely never forget. 😂

At the time my family and I were all dividing up and my husband who was my boyfriend at the time said it’s time for us to go off on our own. So, with very little money to make the move and not much time to decide. Since, we decided so close to our move out date we looked at 3 locations.

The first location, was way to small and the landlord was a bit over the top.

Our second location, was absolutely perfect with exception of it only being a studio apartment on the side of someone’s house and it had no kitchen.

Our third location, was a big house that looked a bit uncared for but it just so happened to be in the right location, right price, easy landlord and on a big piece of land which allowed us to keep my pets. The landlord told us it was a mother in laws suite and it was attached to a house but this time it had a big bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, small living room area, side yard and the best part a big bathroom with his and hers sinks and a huge giant blue tub.“To me this sold the place hands down 😂!”

Naturally, we went with #3! Although, the problem was even though it was the right price it required some serious cash down. So, being a crafty little bug that I am I made a deal with my land lord to pay the majority of the money upfront and the rest would be added on to the next months rent or he could kick us out. Thankfully, he went for the deal and we were so excited!

Little did we know what a nightmare it would actually be. When we look back now we honestly laugh our asses off that we went through such a crazy first experience. But at the time we had a whole lot of mixed emotions. Three days after we moved in and started our new and exciting life together. I was telling one of my customers how excited I was and all about the place. She was also so excited until she found out where the house was.

Turned out, the month before we moved in our apartment was rented to a nice couple that also must have thought the same as us. Until they were rudely raided and pulled out of the apartment at 2 am in the morning because the house was raided for drugs. When I heard this and she confirmed the address I became so sick with all sorts of fear and worries. I instantly called my husband and told him and we really had no idea what to do. We basically gave him all of our starter money and were terrified to ask him because we really had no clue what we were doing.

So, my plan of action was to do all the research I could on the owner and everything and anything else I could find. After, searching long and hard it turned out that the house was definately raided and our landlord was on probation and his son was in jail. In all honesty if I were to tell you everything else I found I would be sitting here for hours but the long story short is we were totally screwed!!!

Our new game plan was we would do everything we could to save money and get out as fast as possible. All the while being as nice and kind as we could on high alert for any extra stuff going on. All and all, I have to say for all the stuff we found out our landlord really ended up being quite the holly jolly guy. He was a bit odd but he was so educated and generally a nice guy. Eventually, we ended up getting up enough nerve to say the majority of what we knew to him. But only after a couple times of our electric going out and us not wanted to pay all our rent at the same time to prevent us from being without electric.

After, he second month everything that was going okay went down hill and everything in the house and apartment started breaking so we would constantly have to give him money to keep the utilities turned on or repair the water pumps and heaters. The things we went through at that apartment are things I would never want anyone else to experience. I was so angry at the time I spent the few months we lived there writing a book about what not to do when you move into your first home.😂😂😂

I remember, I would sit in bed and type away all the stupid ridiculous things that was going on and all the dramatic scenes that scared the hell out of me. Although, I never sent it off because we ended up doing exactly what we said and only stayed there for 7 months.

After that experience we knew what to look for in our second place but that also had its own crazy stories that maybe at a later time I will share. They are also quite the tales.

If I were to give advice to someone getting a new apartment or house. I would tell you from experience always look into the place you are renting. Check up on the landlord and make sure the house is not in foreclosure. Thats another part of the story I didn’t share but those things are more important then you think. Then I would tell you do not be afraid to stand up for yourself if you feel unsafe or like you have been swindled. There are ways to help yourself if you get stuck like I did. It took a bit of time for me to figure it out but when I did I made it all come together in the end. Also, remember you are the one that need to make the moves no one else. So, make sure to ask for help when you need it but stand on your own two feet through the process.

Now, that I have shared my first experience. I want to hear all of yours!!

Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below and add what advice you would give to someone starting out like you did.

This is how we make a difference in the world. Through shared experience, so lets help eachother get ahead…

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