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Dropping Back To Look Forward…

Welcome To Our First Interactive

Weekly Post

Please get 2 sheets of paper for this exercise

Interactive Exercise #1:

I want you to contemplate your current largest problem….

Write and answer all of the below questions on paper!

1. Rate your current scenario 1-5

2. Rate your level of emotion 1-5

3. Rate your level of fear 1- 5

Ask yourself what lead to this situation and how can you fix it?

Write down if you have tried and what you have tried?

Now, I want you to think about 2 previous problems from the past that you thought you would never make it through.

Write it down

Question #1:

Do you think your current situation is more complicated or harder to get through then the 2 previous problems you listed?

Write Down Your Answer

Question #2

What helped you get through the other two previous situations?

Write it down

Question #3

Will the answer to Question #2 also help you through your current situation?

Please List 5 Positive Things You Currently Have Going For Yourself?

Write Them Down

Now, contemplate your current situation again…

Now that you have reviewed your past experiences as well as all the things you have positive going for yourself right now please answer the below questions without looking back.

Write and answer all of the below questions on paper!

1. Rate your current scenario 1-5

2. Rate your level of emotion 1-5

3. Rate your level of fear 1- 5

Now, still not looking at the previous answers. Now that you have reviewed all of the above do you feel differently about your current situation then you did before?

Write it down

When you are finished writing down your answer please review all of the above and compare your notes

Please comment below your findings and let us know if this exercise gave you annew prospective of your current situation and how it has affected your thinking process or the way you plan to handle your situation.

” I hope all of the above helped you to brainstorm how to handle your current situation. This exercise was meant to help you remember a time when you also may have thought your situation was impossible. By remembering a time you also may have felt weak or unable to reach success. You can also remember that what ever situation you had in the past is just that (A Situation of the Past)! Which mean you have either avoided it and found a way to move on or you reached success. Sometimes when the whole world seems to be falling down around us we need to be reminded of the positive things in our life and of the times in the past where we may have reached success even though we didn’t think we would. Please feel fre to share with us any of your findings below in the comments or maybe even share a story of your success. I wish you a beautiful day and good luck with any of your struggles.”

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