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Hello there, my name is Susan Riley. Welcome to my website / blog. I hope you enjoy all of our content. For easy access and to make things more convenient I provide all of our services by way of online and phone. I am based out of South Florida, but with the help of technology I have been able to assist people from all over the world to reach greater heights.

Why I Created CB Life Solutions

Before becoming a Life Coach, I weathered through many storms. I faced multiple life struggles that on several occasions left me feeling endlessly exhausted, over whelmed, and at some points completely diminished. I was the oldest of 5 children, so I always did my best to be there for everyone and held myself to a standard that, if we are being honest, was fairly unrealistic. I spent most of my days over worked and micro managing every second. I was always really great at trouble shooting life scenarios, but due to all my every day obligations and the pressure I put on myself I never seemed to get anywhere I wanted to go! You see even though I was always a bold, smart, determined, and an independent free spirit. It wasn’t enough, I needed to do more to help myself in order to live the type of life I deserved and dreamed of.

Things I didn’t know then that I do now, that changed my life…

One day after reaching my breaking point, I finally started to make the changes that I wish I had enough knowledge, confidence, and empowerment to make many years before. My mother used to tell me “If you do not like how your life is going the best thing you can do is change it.” Sadly, it wasn’t till she passed on that I decided to take her words of wisdom. Although, all of which to come was no walk in the park. It was those very steps though, that led me to find the focus I needed to build the life I always wanted to live.

It took a lot of time and patience while I did research on ways to help myself. It was no easy task taking a deeper look within myself either. As I continued to go down my Journey of Self-Discovery it also took a wide range of changes in my lifestyle and mindset. I needed to learn and accept that there were things in this life that I was not always going to be able to fix or change. I also needed to build a better set of boundaries and tell the people I loved most in the world “NO!!” I had to learn to find focus on my Wants, Needs, and Desires first. At the time I remember thinking how selfish I felt. Although, after a while I began to realize the time I took back for myself and all the changes I made to help myself actually helped me to be there for people when they needed me most at full capacity. It allowed ME to have a clear head and live the type of life I always deserved! It allowed ME to reduce my stress levels, get healthier, and even to start building this website! I was not always CB Life Solutions. In fact, my original blog was all about me on my Crazy Beautiful Pursuit of Happiness.

Blogging at the beginning was so hard because although, I was always bold with my words and actions I was never open to sharing who I actually was inside. Nor, was I use to letting people in so close. I made it my personal business my entire life to keep people at a safe distance. So, when I started rambling on about my days and really letting myself free it was difficult but also so freeing that I just couldn’t stop. I was never the best writer, hell I still am not. In fact, you will probably still find errors all over my site but I do my best to be authentic. I also enjoy challenging myself to do better. I spent most of my life hidden away and once I let myself out of that closed box I never wanted to go back. So, after some time building followers along my journey. I realized that all the things that held me back my whole life suddenly became the very things that drove my reason to help people like my former self to do the same as I was only their way. Now, here I am a life coach with a pretty decent following of amazing people from all over the world. I built this awesome website and spend endless hours working on all of its content and my social media posts networking with people from all walks of life.

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The thing that people do not always tell you when you are growing up is that being who you are is enough. There is so much hype out there insisting that you follow some social standard, pick a side to stand on or to stay in between some imaginary lines that separate you from who ever you are instructed is living incorrectly. Most are instructed to fit in a crowd, so you don’t stand out. Although, what I have learned is it is the things that divide us from each other that make us so special. It is the things that we experience in life that set the path toward our future and the very pieces that build us into the individuals that we are today. At the end of the day no one’s life is going to be perfect or mean more then the persons life to the left or right. Every day, we all have our ups and downs. This is the reality of life. However, after we fall it is the steps, we make that make all the difference in the world. It is accepting that sometimes we need to step back and take time to heal from whatever life threw at us. It is the acceptance that even though we may be tired or scared that we still have to find the strength to move forward. Most of all it is knowing that no matter what happens good or bad that the only person that can change your situation is you. So, thats what I did! I made the changes I needed to make and as I moved along my path. I truly believe I found my calling in being a life coach and motivator.

Every day, I strive to reach my greatest heights regardless of what stands in my way. What makes me happy or brings me joy may not be the same as others. What I found to make me feel successful also may not be what makes someone else feel successful. Although, what I found along my Crazy Beautiful Pursuit of Happiness was a much stronger woman than I originally thought I was. I found someone that really enjoyed not living like everyone else or being hidden in a box. I enjoy sharing my experiences, knowledge and struggles. For me, my version of personal success was being able to walk with my head held high, free to be who I was regardless of what anyone thought about it. It was having the power to say no and the ability to enjoy my personal space. All while blogging about my journey I also managed to inspire others to attempt to live their best life. Before Aug 6th 2020, It was escaping the world at the end of a hard long work day kicking back by myself or enjoying my life with my husband. It was those small adventures together snorkeling, dancing the night away in our living room, laughing till all hours of the night in our very own little bubble, having fun family hang outs and so many other beautiful moments. That made living life on my own terms so special.

However, with great sadness I must say Aug 6th 2020 was the most horrific day of my life. One in which set my life in a whole new direction as it was the day my Husband / Best Friend unexpectedly passed away. Since then, I have taken leave from my coaching and blogging to go mourn my loss and find my footing. Now here I am on the other side of things still not 100% but full of a whole new spectrum of new found experience, triumph and new and exciting ways to help a larger spectrum of people that I was not able to understand before. These are the steps that lead me to become and continue my journey as a life coach. So, this is how I got to where I am today and why I strive to help others Reach Their Version of Personal Success and to live Their Best Lives Regardless of What Holds Them Back! Life waits for no one and in a blink of an eye it can all be over. So, the question is would you rather live your life happy or settling for less?

You May Be Asking Yourself “What does Your Version of Personal Success mean?

Here is the thing, I know you are full of potential but the question is do you know that you are?

Much like my former self you may not always know how to make the steps you need to make to reach GREATER HEIGHTS. So, since my journey of self- discovery and becoming a life coach I do my best to provide various services for people of all walks of life to help them learn, get connected and find positive ways to better manage their life.

You see I want to do more than just help you to prosper along your journey. I want to be the person you choose to help connect yourself to new ways of thinking, living and prospering. I want to help you to reach your version of personal success by assisting you in discovering who you are underneath it all. I want to help you to make the life choices best for you. So often, people think the best way to live is by fitting in the crowd. However, even though there is still a thing called social standards that does not mean you should force yourself to be one in the crowd.

Fitting in can be nice in the right setting but the reason we are all different is because we are all meant to be our own person. I have built my services to help you step out of that box that is holding you back or keeping you down. Some people like to go with the crowd and if that is you then there is nothing wrong with that either. However, for those of you who find yourself feeling like you are not reaching your full potential or feel tired of fitting in. I think it is a great day to make a stand toward changing your life. No matter who you are, where you come from or where you want to go in your life the best thing you can do for yourself today and always is to never settle for less.

Do not allow yourself to be the person that got run down by life! You are so much more than who ever life circumstance built you into. Finding your version of personal success starts with accepting that it is okay to be who you are. It is okay to feel how ever you do and it is okay to live your life the way you want. It is also okay to make changes so you can live a healthier life. Today is the day to set yourself free and allow yourself to make the steps toward reaching your personal freedom. There are many versions of success, what makes one person feel successful may be different from what makes someone else feel that way. So, the best thing you can do to live your best life is to focus on reaching your version of personal success, freedom and happiness.

Which leads me back to why I do this and that is because I believe you have what it takes to prosper beyond what holds you back and stands in your way. Your dreams and future are waiting for you to know your worth and to reach your own version of personal success! My hope is that my services and resources can help you to find the motivation to step out of your shell, the inspiration to prosper beyond your wildest imagination, the talk and support to broaden your horizons, all so you can live the type of life you never thought possible but always dreamed of.

I Do Not Want to Just Coach Your Journey, I Want to Teach You How to Gain the Skills & Material You Need to Prosper With or Without Me!

It is no secret that life has a nasty habit of being complex and sometimes just down right hard to handle. Very often people all over find themselves taking 2 steps forward only to take 3 steps back because of various complications or just an overall lack of the simple necessities everyone should have but rarely do. For your convenience, we have a wide variety of services to assist you in reaching any of the above along with so much more! That means if your answer to “If you are looking for more out of life? Is “YES!!” Then, this is the time to Rise Above All That Holds Your Back and Make A Change toward all of your Hopes and Dreams!

You might be thinking, “How can I?” or “That’s easier said than done!” Well your right it is but regardless of your busy schedule, obligations, lack of finances, confidence, support, motivation, inspiration or the fact that you simply just do not know where to start. We have put together a lot of really great services and tools to help you get motivated and find the determination it will take to push past your everyday problems. So, none of the above complications need to any longer stand in your way. Today is the day you can start making the steps it takes to live your best life in spite of what holds you back or stands in your way! Today you have found a place that wants to help you grow beyond your means and I am more than happy to assist you in reaching your very own personal success and happiness! So, please make sure to view our blog, discussion page, coaching services, and our support group.

We Don’t Care Where You Come From, What You Look Like, Where You Have Been, Or Even How Old You Are Because All the Above Is What Makes You the Special Amazing Individual You Are & We Want to Help You to Be Seen & Heard. We Want to Help You Reach the Stars Because We Know You Can. Come Join Us in Sharing Life Experiences & Inspiration by Following Us & Joining in Positive Conversation.

Let’s Make Something Beautiful Together…

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